Gender Dysphoria: Episode out on Itunes/Podbean

HELLOOOOOOOOO Omg I missed ya’ll, Becky here with the low down on gender dysphoria. It’s like 99% ranting ramblings for this one, but I might bring up a few good points. Also I changed my editing software and the bass sounds waaaay better IMO Decide for yourself of course.   Here’s the deal though, […]

Gender Dysphoria: The T, The Low Down, the Bidness Hey! We get super obsessed with gender dysphoria with this one. I barely talk about mtf, but in my defense I got super duper wormholed with the ftm youtubers (they are all SOOOOO mmmmm).  uppercaseCHASE1 is the best, he gives away FREE BINDERS YA’LL, and he’s getting ready to give out packers?! yes. I knah. […]

Adventure Time Bubbline Femslash Review Love Festival I Adore Thee BUBBLINE TIME can I get a Yas YAS. Becky holds nothing back as she expressed her undying love for both Princess Bubblegum aka/ Bonnibel and Marceline. Bass bitches gotta support eachother, you know wha’ ‘m sayin’? YOU KNAH WHA I’ SAYI’?!? Femslash love festival but tbh I legit never talk about femslashes at all […]