There is No Gender Revolution

There is No Such Thing as a Gender Revolution Transgender people are getting a lot of attention in the media. Everyone is getting more attention in the media, there is way more media! Laverne Cox, Chaz Bono, Danica Rorem, Buck Angel, loads of trans representation and information that never used to be accessible. Some say […]

Loner, Kali Uchis

Yooooooooo Sweet tunes in preparation for this Queer Music episode that is now a month in the making. Cannot overhype this one, ya’ll.     Accepting any and all recommendations for covers, especially covers for the queer music episode!!!   Heard of Elephants is the best, I love being able to play whatever I want […]

10 Signs You Might be Genderqueer

10 Signs You Might Be Genderqueer Hey there, bud-dey. Its 2018, people are shouting “gender identity is separate from your sexuality” from the rooftops. You know what queer is, but… What is genderqueer? What is non-binary? What are gender non-conforming identities? Well, there are variety of gender identities that fall somewhere between male and female. […]

Am I Genderqueer, or Butch?

Am I Genderqueer, or Butch? When I was a kid, I used to pretend life was a movie that you watched with God. After the movie was over, he’d get up and say “What’d you think? Pretty crazy stuff right. Lets get you to bed, we’ve got a lot more to watch tomorrow”. It was […]