At First…

I cannot refuse a challenge. You asked for a love poem, I did my best.     At first I thought you were someone else. I’m still not sure, who you are. I envision someone handsome, Tall, kind. Now I worry you’re slight, worrisome, and small.   I see you once, twice, six or seven […]

I drank a lot and now my ass is numb

  The left cheek, lower left part close to my thigh. Near the crack, but not on it. Totally numb. Been this way for almost two days. I really, honestly do not drink very much. I don’t really drink at all! I think this might be part of the problem. You see, I have a […]

Friends and Friendship

One of the major recurring themes in this made-for-TV movie I call my life is friendship. I have been seeking genuine, heartfelt friendship for as long as I’ve been breathing. What more could anyone want? What else is there, but to know that someone sees them. Understands them. Empathizes, sympathizes, strategizes with, embraces and supports […]

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power — Dreamworks/Netflix 2018 Reboot We dive deep into She-Ra. What a blessing to be able to watch this show. BEST SHOW EVER, AMIRITE!? Seriously though, it has ruined all other activities for me. I can’t really enjoy anything other than She-Ra anymore. Food is tasteless, music is meaningless, any kind of exercise is just going through the motions… all […]