She-Ra, He-Ra, Onomatopoei-a

SHE-RA REVIEW IS OUT Join me as I dive deep into She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Dreamworks/Netflix 2018 reboot. We talk about how awesome it is. Then, We talk about how amazing Noelle Stevenson is. Then, We talk about the old show. Then, We talk about the new show.   Got it? LET’S GO. […]

Just like that, I’m a Cool Gay Uncle.

How did I get here? I LOVE IT Is this what people stick around for? Is this what procreation is all about? I have extended family I never see, they have babies I don’t give a shit about. These babies grew up. Sadly, sometimes they are pointless babies. Sometimes these babies move away, or get […]

BITE Cover

Heard of Elephants still exists, Ya’ll! This cover is my baby right now, please be nice to her. I recorded all the tracks on multiple low brass instruments. It predominantly features tuba. There are also a lot of electronics that you will hear when you get there. Tuba is the way. FUN FACT Tuba can […]

Sometimes I doodle, but I never dabble

Dabbling is so intense. The blowtorch? The nail? Who comes up with this shit!? Ooops ok fine that joke didn’t work. Instead, feast your ears upon this super cheesy and dumb song I wrote about my cat with my girlfriend. She improved too, it was super cute. Ya’ll would’ve been jealous. Enjoy!