Mad About It: Music Series

Hey everybody! In addition to random topics, we’re going to have a music series section in the show now. That’s right, we’re doing it. I’ve been talking about it for months now, but I mean it this time. I got the upgrades I needed, and now we’re going overdrive with all of this shit. What’s […]


Is she your roommate? You guys are roommates, right? Is your roommate seeing anyone? I’m never going to get used to it. Before, it helped me feel safe. I hated it, but being closeted made me feel safe somehow. Now I’m not as interested in being closeted, not as interested in feeling safe. I’m much […]

I Knew It Wouldn’t Matter

Since the last post stirred up loads of bullshit with my breakup, I figure I might as well share one of those “super angsty 3am poems” I mentioned in my Is it love…? post. If you hate ewey gooey stuff, stay tuned for our music series, soon to be released on the podcast!!! IT IS GONNA […]

Is it love…?

If you feel something, it’s love. If you can’t think of anything else, it’s love. If you crave her in your bones, all-consuming lust and obsession, it must be love. Or so I thought. I felt something for my ex, something very strong. She filled me with hope, she was my validation, she was mine. […]

I’ve never been a baby dyke before…

I’ve never been a baby dyke before. I guess high school was the last time I felt like this? Why does this make me so angry? I’ve spent the last few days surrounded by older, wiser lesbians. Married, partnered, experienced, property-owning dykes. I thought that this was me, but now I realize it’s quite the […]