Song Edition: What am I even doing…?

Once more, with feeling…

So shoot me, mo’fo’s, I like playing bass guitar and writing sad poems. Am I a real-life Marceline? That’s for you to project, and you to project alone. I am living my truth, Marceline is fictional.

I tried to eliminate every single bar line in the whole song, while also using a drum track. A magnificent feat, if I do say so myself.


–by Becky WTGH


What am I even doing?

I don’t know anyone here.

I don’t know anyone anywhere.

I was never known. I’m only now just getting-to-know.

I like it, but who knows

what I’m even doing.


I thought that I was known?

Nothing can be known, that’s what I’ve learned.

I thought that I had been recognized.

Now, I know this is impossible.

We are all, inevitably imposters.

Fully disguised, performed,

and unknown.


I hoard my secrets, in every way.

I like it when you polish yours;

go on, show-off now!

Once–you took pictures, kept diaries.

Now–you’ve thrown me away.

All, will surely do the same.

I mean,

we are all alone,

in our own way.

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