I wanna

Even my poems are getting twangy—beckywtgh

I wanna be an immortal martyr,

A straight-forward idealist,

A no-nonsense absurdist.

I wanna marry polyamory

And divorce friendship.

I wanna be inside you,

Above you, below you

Beside you.

let’s take a break

And elope.

Tell no one we’ve wed,

But announce it on television instead.

Oh man, what a woman I thought

I was, in my head.

Now she’s all I want,

Doomed to stalk and haunt me.

I wanna hunt each of you,

Selfless selfies.

None of you, three at a time

Five, seven, eleven.

Why put a number on it

Why set limits for yourself ?

Limit love ?

I wanna to give you all of my love

All of you

Until there is nothing of me left

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