When I was young I was A Tomboy. That’s what they said. I wondered if it was bad to be That, a tomboy. They assured me it wasn’t. I guess the part of being a Tomboy that they don’t tell you Is that you’re supposed to stop. Now I dunno, I guess I’m a Boy […]


I have a friend who gives me gigs She/He is cool. I like them. They’re older, wiser, more established Have property, have savings, But not much else They seem to be broken Maybe I’m wrong, but I think it’s a little obvious. My gig fairy is not a fairy at all Not in the least. […]


Will you be my unrequited? My one and only. A true love that never Bloomed, dead-headed Saved for strife and pain, Both of us eager for Dissatisfaction and incongruence Oh lover, please. Be my unrequited. How I long for your Lack of reciprocation It whets my Wanda when you Haven’t any feelings for me. I […]

I Did What I Was Told

I did what I was told, and I was glad to do it. What I wish I had known, before was that no one else was with me. I could’ve been a king, living my life, being my dream. Instead, I was a weakling. Fucking every which way, being distant, rude, obscene. I did what […]