The Most Butch Queen

Who gets to be a butch queen?


boys who fuck boys

fabulous bears who make an entrance?

What is the point of having tits and a uterus

and bein’ this butch, this masculine

if I can’t be a fucking butch queen

I am butch

I am a fucking Queen

I am a motherfucking Butch Queen

Bow to me you fucking cunts

goddamn I am so bothered

bothered by your fucking nonsense

your gay man bullshit !

I hate pretending that being gay

makes men somehow better friends

somehow better people

somehow better lovers

somehow better feelers.

Or maybe–

I just hate

that you don’t invite me

to all your cute parties.

who am I ?

but some bitter, tired old queen

waiting to be seen.



go have all your fun

I’ll be here, ruling my kingdom–

kingdom of one.

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