Ugh why didn’t I consider any of this prose before now? Another old poem/prose. My subconscious self might hate me even more than my conscious self does. My conscious self HATES me. I’m scared to discover what subconscious me thinks of me.   Do you feel it? The strain. Pulsating web of pain. Radiating from […]


You must be very strong To have left such a taste in my mouth. Months and months of separation, Time goes on, But your stench stands still I’ve been scrubbing my tongue with soap In desperation. I’m not sure when You climbed in my mouth And filled it with your pungent flavor. I haven’t eaten […]

My 20 Year Plan–FOOLPROOF

I am so delusional. I have convinced myself that being self-aware of my delusions makes them somehow less delusional. Hahah. My 20 year plan is in 5 years Become Patti Smith– 5 more years Become Patsy Cline— 5 more years Become Peggy Lee—– Final 5 years–Ninja Turtle Final 5? You have zero idea how long […]


Writing –by Becky WTGH   I’ve been writing so much lately. I’m sure you’ve all noticed. It’s been perpetual. My entries have tripled. Each month, exponential. Kind of, right? Ugh, math is beyond me. I was good at it at school, but was told to struggle and be interested in other things. So I struggled, […]


I love the bothness of you. It’s how I fell, and it’s how I knew. We share experience, but not perspective. Differ just enough to weigh both sides– without overlooking. We might end up in hell, Hedonistic living, sapphic safari or is it just my own guilt inside? I’m not worried about it, you will […]