Profile Picture

I really like your profile picture the one with the nice skinny lady in the center she’s gorgeous, she’s tempting– she’s somebody else pretending. I don’t want some strange bitch where your face should be You’re supposed to be the one in the picture ! but if you showed the real you what kind of […]

Mind Reader

When I was little, I used to be so afraid of technology advancing at such a rapid pace that we might get the ability to read each other’s thoughts.   I laughed, I cried, then–I slept easy. My adult friends, “parents” they self-labeled, laughed when I brought it up; they never worried about this fable. […]

I Can’t Turn the Rhyming Off

Rhythm Lover –by becky Wtgh Hello all, I’m in need of assistance I can’t turn the rhyming off. I started rhyming, don’t scoff– This condition has a rather unnatural persistence. The rhyme has momentum, It’s propelling with no resistance My mind’s gone now, you see I began writing “poetry” From dusk to dawn-ing Open to […]

My Favorite Song

Play me like a Cylinder, Baby –by Becky WTGH How many plays does it take to get to the center of a hit? How many times do they have to sing it, before it–really truly– Makes it? How catchy does the melody Need to be in order for the beat To match my heart’s tempo, […]