Swamp Witch Blues

Swamp Witch Blues –by Becky WTGH I’m so tired, dear. Dearie my, so tired Can’t you see me? I’m sitting right here Bring me a red potion, dear. Bring me red potion, It’ll make me feel better Make sure it’s in a jar You can keep it after, you know Use it for anything you […]

I Don’t Know What Gender I am

I Don’t Know what Gender I am  –by Becky WTGH I don’t know what gender I am–today I tried figuring it out, on the phone but it just got worse, like it did before. I can’t figure out if I’m either, or, if I’m or. I can’t be neither, they say. I know I’m not […]

Heartbreak and Anxiety

The thing is, before I had my heart broken–I was convinced of a melodramatic, romanticized version of what break ups are. You get real sad, you eat ice cream and you cry. Maybe the love was unrequited! Maybe she moved away. Maybe they just weren’t meant to be. That’s the gist. I was like, weirdly […]