Month: March 2019

  • Artist as Arbitrary

    I used to wonder how I could be one of those Famous, infamous artists The ones who live forever In people’s memories The kind that gets put in museums, You […]

  • Contradictions

    Why are we all Too proud While also Too small? Why can’t I be Loud ! And still Feminine, insightful ? Why can’t I feel Proud of where I’ve come […]

  • Oy hello

    Oy hello Took a ton of lsd again Oops right Shouldn’t I be worried or something I don’t think so. I don’t think the police are Interested in me. Although, […]

  • Watching—Not Reporting

    Oh god. Nobody reported it? Of the people watching already Nobody reported it who was watching? Nobody? Did they know? Did they watch in terror? Did they not know it […]

  • Virus

    I was driving some more today You know, American style Running basic errands 30-60 minutes of driving Required. I couldn’t help But see myself The way I am A virus, […]