Robo Smut

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New Age Expectations

Call me Some crazy hippie But I want to start a commune Where: Trans people are ordinary Bigots are extraordinary People are open Stores are closed College is free Abortions are too Animals are treated humanely And people are too Food is grown Nobody ages Nobody dies Nobody lives Wait I already give up Kill […]

Storm System

Out of nowhere The sun came out And the madness stopped The rain let up And the winds died down I looked inside myself And saw an opening It stirred my soul The eye of the storm A moment of alignment A moment of peace I could feel deceived, When this moment is over And […]

Bad Movie

I guess I’m just not sleeping tonight I can’t turn off the movie In my head Of everyone I love Belittling Patronizing Devaluing Discrediting Underestimating Pitying Disrespecting Lecturing Advising Ignoring me Anything and everything No one in any scene Is listening Where is that movie? How do I play it?