Amy McGrath is My Current Obsession

I am totally obsessed with Amy McGrath.

I learned about her last year when she was running for something in Kentucky. I was super pissed to learn that I couldn’t vote for her since she wasn’t running in my district. This did nothing to help assuage my wet dreams.

Yes. I’ll admit it.

I’ve been having wet dreams about Amy McGrath.

My partner is jealous. My sleep is disturbed. My emotions are unstable. Things have been nuts.

I’m in love with some politician lady I’ve never met. She ran one ad with her fuckin hair and her goddamn modest clothes and her goddamn self esteem and confidence.

She piloted my heart right into 24/7 365 wet-dream-soaked-Pussy land.




Goddamn, butch, please.

Break me off a piece of that

Amy McGrath

I ain’t got breath left

All this cummin’ I’ve been doin

In my sleep

A Vote for McGrath!

Is a vote for lesbian daydreams

8 thoughts on “Amy McGrath is My Current Obsession

    1. She’s kind of a lame speaker tho. Wish she spoke and wrote as well as she flies planes. Not sure how piloting translates in government

      1. I put whipped cream all over my ex once but I’m lactose intolerant so the whole thing was just gassy and awkward

        So much burping. Not good for technique.

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