I’m starting to give less of a fuck

Things are almost going smoothly

I don’t get upset,

I don’t have weird random nightmares

My ex doesn’t mock me in my dreams,

Day or night

Man, things make more sense

Now that I’ve realized

I am the way that I am.

I used to think I was an alien

Then I thought I was a lesbian

I still honestly feel that way

I think I always will

But lmao there are a lot of

Big signs. Uh oh.

Remember that shit comedian?

What’s his face? The “here’s your sign”, guy?

My parents were obsessed with him

That should tell you a bit.

I kinda feel like

A touch of happiness

Was all it took

For me to realize just how

Miserable I was

Now, I’m very confused

I’m a man

but I’ve lived a full life as a


Right? Or was I ever

Am I something that I was always

Or was I always something that I am

What ? Even …?

Wish me luck,

My life is a clusterfuck

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