MAI Music Series Episode 3 PLAYLIST


The playlist for episode three is finally finished!

Artists Featured on Episode 3:

Patsy Cline

Nina Simone

Peggy Lee

Blossom Dearie

Dinah Washington

Ella Fitzgerald

Anita ‘O Day

Sarah Vaughan

Etta James

Betty Carter


I spent a little extra oomph on this one. It’s most of my favorite artists, performing most of my favorite songs. I am pumped as hell for ya’ll to hear this one. It’s about three hours, and it’s perfect.


I did my best to make the selections as pronoun-neutral as possible. I also kind of cheated with the time frame. 1945-1960 is  HUGE window! I cheated and made it even bigger with a few songs from the mid ’60’s. I couldn’t resist!! Nina Simone is my god.


I embeded a player above, but here is the playlist as well!

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