Lately I’ve been writing

As if I have my own language

And no one is listening,

No one is watching.


It’s been wonderful.

I can pretend, as if I am

Alone, in this.

No burden of mortal company.


A Sea of people pissing and moaning

Friends and family and bystanders

Changing their standards to

Keep themselves winners


I go to a place I thought

I could never get into–

A Peace, stronger than any reassurance

Ever came to.


I’ve been wondering, lately

Why I ever got blue

About a world

Torn to shreds


Why I ever got sad

About being misunderstood

By a bunch of strangers

Tossing and turning in their beds


People are dogs,

Man’s best friend

Can’t sleep a wink, tortured by the

Squirrels in our heads


I guess we’re all here together

Trapped in our flesh suits

Daydreaming about being someone else

Crying because we feel

So lonesome

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