Special post directly to Sinnerwitch

And anyone else alive, I guess

Have you watched She-Ra, yet?

Scratch the itch

You won’t regret.

We’ve watched it like,

A dozen times already.

I’m jealous of anyone

Who gets to see it

For the first time

18 Replies to “She-Ra”

      • Whippoorwill

        I used to read comics, but not for years now. I grew up with 2000AD. But the ones I read which I still remember are Stray Toasters and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. I think the last comic I read was Red Meat.

      • Whippoorwill

        I used to have a big comic collection, but I went mental one night about eighteen years ago and burnt everything I owned. Including my comics and my paintings. I was a visual artist back then. I don’t think I’ve read a comic since.

      • Becky WTGH

        Oh man. Sounds like a rough night.

        You should check out lumberjanes. Lots has changed in comics since you burned all of yours.

      • Becky WTGH

        It’s blisteringly positive and optimistic, which I need. It’s also an alternate universe where everyone is a woman or is genderqueer and is queer. Everyone.

      • Becky WTGH

        We look for them everywhere, now. We find used ones in random bookstores, especially in alabama, for some reason? I think they don’t buy queer comics as much in the south…

        But also like, the south has more queers than anywhere else. It’s hot down here!

      • Becky WTGH

        omg and Nimona. You might like that one more, possibly. It’s about a genderqueer shapeshifter who kills a little too freely

        I’m obsessed. I bought the whole thing, it’s kinda short and inexpensive. Certainly compared to lumberjanes. We don’t have money enough for lumberjanes lmfao

      • Becky WTGH

        as long as you don’t start painting to procrastinate your books. I guess they’re both fine, but I can’t experience paintings via internet. It’s also nunnamybizness

      • Becky WTGH

        I just like, wouldn’t complain about images of art, but it isn’t the absolute best way to experience it.

        I guess reading things off of a computer/my phone isn’t the best way to experience writing. Who knows, though. I don’t.

        Does it have to be “the best” way? Why do I insist on caring about this.

        Go to sleep!

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