Suicide via Black Hole with a Side of Spaghetti

The more I think about it

The more I want to do it

So, naturally

I’ve been trying to keep my mind off of things

Things like

How, when, where and why

I would like to die.

My first strategy was like

If that’s really what I want

Then I’d have a plan

So I stopped caring

Cuz I didn’t.

Now, unfortunately

I have a plan.

It’s a good one.

I’m gonna die, and you’re all gonna know


It’ll be grandiose.

That’s what I’m afraid of

You see, I’m a performer

I’m made of star power

If I killed myself,

I’m afraid I’d blow up

Go nuclear

My star would explode

Turn into a black hole

I’d suck all of you in

Shred you like spaghetti

A guy in my class in fifth grade

Insisted that black holes

Shred you like spaghetti

So now I’m like

Kind of looking forward to this

When I implode

I’m taking all y’all with me

We’re gonna make the biggest ever

Plate of shitheads and spaghetti

Fresh off the press

I can’t wait until I’m

Undead for this one

Oh man, my explosion

Is going to be delicious

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