Friend or Phony

The last person I felt close to

Maybe didn’t understand

How unusual it was

For me to let them in.


I gave them full access,

Copied them a key

I daydreamed about porches

Old age, a friend–closer than Family.


It didn’t seem to matter much

For them, this was all normal stuff

People talk, share, walk and make a fuss

What difference does it make to keep in touch


I am a bit unusual, it seems

I like to dive into others brains

Poke around and take a tour

My favorite food is interaction


I wish I didn’t love people

As much as I do

They don’t love me at all, it seems

I should take the hint

Not everyone was neglected

As a kid

Get a life,

Loser bitch.


Perhaps I’m wrong about some of it

But it’s been proven time again

The closer I get to feeling close

The looser my grip on reality

The friendlier they are–

The more likely they are phony.

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