Obesity Will Kill You

When I go to sleep

I think about dying

When I wake up

I think about dying

I think about it most days

Most all the time

For as long as I can remember

I think about dying

Most all the time

Since I was about seven

And they took me to the doctor

Where the doctor asked me

If I ever though about dying

because I was fat enough

To go ahead and die on my own

At seven

I think maybe

They thought they were doing me a favor

But ever since

I’ve just gotten fatter

And all I think about

Is how I can’t wait

For all this fat to kill me

So I won’t have to

I’m still waiting

For all this fat to kill me

So I don’t have to

It’s taken so long !

My whole life, now

I’m relatively healthy

But I can’t stop hearing the doctors tell me

I’m dying

I think I will have to kill me

Before the fat does


What gives ?

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