Toxic Femininity

We hear a lot about toxic masculinity What about toxic femininity? What about the mean girls, You know– The one they made a movie about? It’s funny, right?! Lindsay Lohan and the other ppl Tina Fey and shiiit Regina George gets hit by a bus There are some morals People watch it and go Oh […]

Interior Voices

I am constantly tormented by People I barely know Saying things they haven’t In my head. Over and over again, On repeat As if it happened Sometimes, well All the time The stuff that’s said Was said by someone But it wasn’t always said By the person in my head Doing the saying I am […]

High Femme

Is it My internalized misogyny That I find high femmes to be Ridiculous? Unsightly? A bit boring, honestly? Or is it just my personal preference ? I think Undeniably I would be wrong to ignore The years of torment Femme women have given me I’m not bitter, just a bit Bothered by rating of other […]

Tulip Tears

Does anyone else think The sun is brighter, now? The air is drier, The ground is thinner, The water, runnier? The trees seem sad, The bushes are lonely Despite being all intertwined I walked by a flower, yesterday It was crying I shit you not This poor little tulip Was overwhelmed by fear It had […]


The FUCK is redirecting? Am I just some super depressed maniac Or is redirecting bad energy Just some bullshit bologna I’d rather not hear in a lecture From some unchipped block Who’s got no perspective It must be Pretty easy To have been lucky, Avoided lasting tragedy Kept your heart in one piece, Even if […]