Lyrics Exchange

Send me lyrics and I will write you a song. The exchange rate goes 1 Quality set of lyrics in exchange for A song. Maybe two. Maybe multiple If it gets stuck in my head I might make A hundred. Be prepared. Ughhh gimme.

Surveillance Culture

If what’s going on in my head Is also going on in yours– Then why are we here, still? Why aren’t we dead? Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen Well, except for the government And their cameras they put in my Potatoes. Certainly. I eat the camera, the camera sees me Inside and out. The […]

Subject Matters

There is a lot of other stuff I would rather blog about. Lots of experiences I’ve had that I think are way more important than all this stupid shit I write instead. Loads more important than all the poems and all the manifestos and all the melodramas. Infinitely more essential than the petty things I […]

Sad Music

There isn’t sad enough music for modern times. We need a new pop sensation, one who’s More inclined to stay home. Clubbing and raving and fucking? Oh my, Not a lot of young people I know Can afford to roam, Fuck, love, risk, reward None of it. Not unless You prioritize, I guess. Is that […]