So many awful Sad Horrible Disturbing Upsetting things Have happened today, so many Bad things have popped into my brain And yet Here I am Still, somehow Horny as hell The chubbiest little boner Impermeable to reason Indefatigable, exhausting My thirst is all consuming Who the fuck is this new guy, Who is he fooling? […]

Dark Chocolate is Patronizing

I know for some It’s quality And I know for some It’s thoughtful I know for some it’s Preferred, and others It’s devoured But, personally– I find dark chocolate, quite Patronizing I also disagree that It is better than Other chocolates White chocolate is– Not really chocolate, To me. It is made with Cocoa butter, […]

Miss You

Miss you? Of course I do! I even miss you When you’re with me. I’m grateful When you’re here, and I’m hopeful, not worried When you’re gone I could never see Anyone enough, Let alone, you


I think finally I’m alone Finally I’m not being Hunted, anymore Finally they’ve gone away Let bygones be bygones Stopped pretending to be Decent, and finally Finally left me alone Finally, I’m alone.


If intelligence is curiosity And curiosity is fascination And fascination is love Then love must be Intelligence, right? The capacity for Circling ? Hmmmm….