I think we are going to do it

I not so secretly



But I love this one enough

To see the worth.

I’m mostly so sick of being

Nameless roommate to the fucking


I just don’t like thinking of my lady as

Property that I am gathering

In this case–

there would be a house

Involved with it

So it especially seems like

A collection of assets

I’m mostly interested in collecting ass

This one specific adopted ass

Right?! I forgot to mention

She’s adopted

So like

All my beef I expressed in the last poem

No worries, bruh

They aren’t related

She just mutilated her brain

Making her anxious and unconfident

I’ve been trying to ease this pain

She has grown so strong and beautiful

Now I want to marry her

Despite all the nonsense

Despite all the bullshit

Despite her compulsive liar brother

Or her demon-witch mother

Or our lack of financial stability

I want to chain myself to this person

For eternity

I love her and I need others to

Respect that about us.

If only I could tell her that I’m also

Repressing my polyamory

I can’t tell if I was just

Neglected as a kid

Or if it’s normal

To want a pussy on each hand

And also a pussy on each foot


I hope she’s willing to marry me

Despite my obvious horrors


And licensing fees

God please

Jesus fucking Christ, Becky

Don’t fuck this up too

You goddamn fool

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