For as long as I can remember

I’ve wanted to be big

Strong, built

Intimidating, at times even


I want to be a

Surprisingly sensitive

Macho wall of muscle

Mixed with mortar, rocks,

Seeds, pine cones, pebbles

I want to be all of everything

To everyone

A supportive, burly

Boulder to lean on

I love being able to

Dominate people,

So that I can

Choose not to

It makes me feel like I’m

The change I want to see in the world

I used to eat

A dozen eggs a day

While sprinting up hills

Carrying yokes loaded with


I want to be big,

Always have.

I want to carry my lovers

Anywhere they want

Bring them to ecstasy

In outrageous quantities

Gentling overwhelming them

With bliss, mixed with excitement

Mixed with power

Even when I come

My big body shudders

With the weight of ten men

Erupting with cum

Inside me

I don’t need a dick, I think I might

Accidentally kill somebody

It’s better that you just

Let me eat my eggs

In peace

I’m big enough, as it is

I don’t need a penis.

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