Come Out

Came out to my mom today

As a man, I guess

“I can’t pretend to be a woman anymore”

Best tag line I could muster

Now I’m like


I have to be a man now

What expectations exactly

Come with this?

Come out, come out

Wherever you are

Little tranny faggots

Now that you’re out

We can see you clearly

Clear enough for

Target practice

I’m prepared for her to use

All of this as weaponry


She already tossed it out the window

Called me she and ma’am all evening

I don’t think she understands

But it’s fine, I’m me now

She’s forced to reconcile

With who I am

Instead of who she thinks I should be

I think she’s letting the dust settle

Before she sinks her teeth into me

I bet she will never think of me

As a man, because I don’t have

Balls and peen.

She’s a nurse, so she’s very

Biologically minded

Now supposedly she

“Knew all along”

Since I was three

Ok so why’d you

Torment me so much

Jesus Christ, woman

Who did you so wrong?

Your poor hillbilly mother

Gone and fucked you in the skull

It used to bother me so much

But now I’m like

Fuck it,

I’m a man, and my mom was

Always this crazy. Wouldn’t matter

What my downstairs looked like

She’d still emotionally fuck with me

The way she always does

Her sport–

Emotional “energies”

You know,

A mother’s instinct

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