My Ass is Amazing

I started t

So that means

There is a bit of a timer ticking

On this ass of mine

This glorious



Humping machine

Oh god, what a darling

I kinda want to take her out

For one last big hurrah

Fuck like

10,000 kinds of everything

Rub my little tiny Tata’s in

People’s faces

My tits are nice, but

My ass is amazing

Better take a picture

It’ll last longer

Much longer than you will

This fucking

Bomb-ass pussy don’t quit either

I’m non-binary, remember?

I kinda like

Fucking, and being

Fucked. No return policy.

I wonder if I will change a lot

Or a little?

My porn-star pussy is about to get

Kinda leathery, I think.

My uterus is gonna complain

I’ll pass eventually, but

Until then

I’m a lady-man and

I wanna swallow you up

With my pussy,

Grind my ass

Until you’re all juicy

I might be trans-masculine

But that doesn’t mean

My ass isn’t always going to be

This Fucking amazing

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