I am completely overwhelmed

With emotion

Most all of the time

I have been this way

Since about 5th grade

When I realized I was female

And that the world

Was binary.

My biggest hope

Is that testosterone

Will make my feelings go

Away, at least somewhat.

I often feel like a

Prisoner to my emotions

A slave to my feelings

I am hopelessly emotional

Empathy and sympathy bleed

Through my bed sheets

Alas, I just want to be free

Of this womanly burden

I want to be myself, more than

I feel for others

I want to be free of these feelings

These tender-fingered feelers

I need to be a leader

Instead, rather

So I can be something

Worth living for.

I have high expectations

For myself, my emotions

Run higher, even than that.

I will ride this current

I suppose I will trust

In my instinct, even if

It’s the wrong messages

It’s sending me.

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