Violet Daydreams

The violets have taken over Kentucky

My thoughts are unfortunately still

Violently bloody

This morning I daydreamed about

Running over your head

With a lot of different

Types of cars

Types of tires

You know, to see which setup

Makes it pop the best


Yesterday I daydreamed about

Poisoning you with your

Favorite foods, watching you

Grin with delight

Moments before you



Last week I daydreamed about

Killing you in ways that

Usually disgust me too much

But it was raining so I

Saw them all happening


I saw the blood pour



Tomorrow I will daydream about

Turning you inside out

So that future lovers will know

You are made of

Bullshit, and that you

Are empty, full of only



I hope someday to daydream

Again about lovers and

Sex, erotic visions of

Ecstasy and playfulness

The way my brain was

Before! Before all this



A year ago I daydreamed about

Dying myself, so that

I could finally stop

Killing you in my head

On repeat, everyday for



Everyday I daydream

About the person I was

Before I met you

The sort of person who would

Never have such

Violent daydreams

The sort of person

Who would never be

This blue

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