Gawdzilla He/She

I am a Godzilla he/she, now

I’m both and I’m


A lizard with no

Mom, dad or–mate

I’ve got scales, feathers

Soft belly and

Broken feet,

Scaling up the tallest tower

To find the lowest fate

I’m not doing it for

The attention, you’re all just

Staring at me.

Flying planes and

Marching tanks

I’m just a super tall

Lizard guy/gal

What’s to stare at?

Who’s gawking, now?

I climb and climb

And climb because

The world you built is

Just too small

I’m not running from anyone

I’m built to scale

I can’t make myself

A chameleon of sorts

I wish you wouldn’t

Expect me to be

Any kind of reptile, it seems

Variety-ist to me

But what to I know

I’m just some


Gawdzilla monster

Unable to be controlled

Maybe if y’all just

Let me be free

I could show you

I’m actually quite good

At lots of things

Besides raping and


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