Angry Rambling Over-Generalized Nonsense

As much as I

Don’t envy straight women,

I don’t understand

TERFs and other queer radicals

These lesbians

Who process their anger

By attacking trans people

And men

Here’s the deal–

If you hate men,

You can’t let them know that


They will treat you like shit

Because, well, you know–

You hate them.

They’ll be kinda

Put off by that, usually.

I followed a couple of

Lesbian sites

Because I have a podcast about

Queer issues

And I like to see what other

Queers have issues with

It seems like

They mostly have issue

With each other

How is this ok?

How is it productive

For our tiny, tiny community

To be divided

In any way, even

Categorically! Nobody should be

Concerned about who’s legit

Because we need the fucking

Numbers, you damn nitwit

If push comes to shove, the

Only thing that will help us

Is having a lot of weirdos

Ready and willing

Ready to go

You don’t, though

You pick fights with people


You hate, judge, belittle

Your fellow weirdos, to ignore

Your weirdass self

You are killing yourself,

Killing the part of yourself

That you see in everyone else

The part that makes you

Twinge and tingle

The part that makes

Life so worthwhile

So please, little lesbo

Just fucking chill

Just cool it

Stop making trans women

The bug under your heel

I’m no angel, I’ve got

Enemies in every state

But seriously, how hard

Is it, to just let some guy

Wear a dress, and call himself

Tanya? Why is he forced

To be a woman, while also not being

Able to claim the title?

If he is a she, then let her be.

It’s not rocket science

You don’t have to fuck

Anybody you don’t want to fuck

If you want to fight a consent-based battle

By all means, I will take up arms with you

But I don’t fight anti-trans battles

and I definitely think that trans women are women

I don’t think that trans men are erasing

Butch lesbians, although I do often

Feel as if I might be that, I might be

A trans man who killed a pretty dope

Lesbian. Alas, “myself” was not a lesbian

I didn’t have the swag

I’m definitely just

A really dorky man, with the

Tiniest little clit-dick you’ll never see.

Shrouded in a cloud of

Soft, self-deprecating gut-belly

Laughing, doomed to care about

Every little thing on earth

Stuck here, wondering

What I did to make myself

So unbearable, so miserable

And so authentically me

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