Everyone I’ve told so far

About my transition

Is excited

And not concerned at all

About my ability to eventually


I wonder what this means, in the end

For me, and for you know

Everyone else.

Who passes, who doesn’t?

What qualifies as passing?

I don’t think I’ve been passing as a

Woman, at all

Not even one bit.

I think that maybe that’s a big part

Of why being trans is such a good fit

I can’t pretend to be female,

I already feel that I am

Passing as male

Maybe that is what

People are implying?

Is that a compliment?

What about if I


What am I, then?

An inbetweener?

An undesirable

Rude, inappropriate woman

Hell-bent on

Shitting on men

Why am I that, then?

What the hell even, man!

Why can’t I just be

The person I know that I am?

Why do I have to


As someone other than that?

I hope that what they

All really mean

Is that I will soon start

To look like me

and I will


As someone I enjoy being

Instead, you know

Of this miserable




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