Who is Becky

Who am I?

What am I doing?

Should I introduce myself a little better,

Now that I’m

Still talking

I’m Becky with the Good Hair, but I wasn’t always this dope and smarmy.


I used to be a really straight-laced stuck up bitch

That’s why I call myself a Becky

I have super dope hair, it’s curly and soft and like–seven different natural colors. It changes color with the seasons, and my pubes and chest hair are red, so I even get to secretly identify as a ginger and never tell anyone. I love my hair.

That’s why I say I have good hair.


I also kinda want to make a connection to the idea of the other woman. Another woman who knows all your partner’s secrets, and talks to them better and more directly than you do.

I do the stuff your partner wishes you would do.

I talk about the stuff that your partner wishes you would talk about.

That’s also why I call myself Becky WTGH.


I’m a musician

A jack and Jill of all trades

I like to write

Bad poems and

Keep my songs to myself

I mostly play classical

So I’m stuck in the shadow

Of lots of old dead white guys

I don’t respect– So

Instead, I play electric bass

In my free time

And talk about sex


I can explain further if you need me to.

It seems patronizing if I keep going, so

Maybe ask me directly.

It’s been dope hanging out with all of you

I’m not planning on leaving,

Anytime soon

Or ever.

I like doing this, I will

Probably keep doing it

Until I get sued.

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