Against Me

I have this thing

From being

Picked on constantly

As a child, teen, and young weenie

Where I always assume

100% of the time

The worst in people.

I know

I should get over it–

Grow up, kid!

Whatever, people suck

I’ve had my fair share of

Fucked up betrayals

Thus forth my brain

Grew a vendetta towards


I assume they are

Planning on

Disrespecting me

For fun

It’s what most people do

So why wouldn’t you?

They were the worst

I would be dumb to assume

That you will be something other than

Mean to me

How could I


Why would I make myself

Vulnerable to someone

Without any sort of


That they won’t eventually

Use it

Against me?

Why would I trust you

Ever again

After what you did

Against me?

How can I trust anyone

After you turned

Against me?

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