Me and You

What if I loved you

Everyday for a year

And never told you

Wouldn’t it still be true?

What if we started

A life together

When we were

Sixty, instead of


Wouldn’t it still be

Me and you?

I tell you everyday

How I love you

But isn’t it more honest

To say that I am capable

Of loving you just the same

As I am capable of loving

Myself, all alone.

I don’t need you, I just

Want to share.

I like what you have, and I

Want to give you all of me.

Come and take from me

As you please

I am generous and

You are free

You’ll get no expectations

From me, bebby.

I love you and

I don’t care when

We get to live, love and learn

Together, we are–

Always together in my head.

I do my

Daily devotion to you

Whether I choose it

Or not.

You are a constant slide-show

A passionate saga

Dedicated to everything that makes me

Smile. I don’t pretend to

Claim you, but I do want to be

Near you, wondering how you are

For as long as I am alive

I will think of you

And I will wonder

The way I wonder about the stars in the sky

I will wonder about you

My lady, my little songbird

Bubbling my up life

Turning each day into

Seltzer, delighting me

Surprising me

Loving me, loving you–

Me and you

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