Being Trans Is Dope

Maybe I’m just trans,

But it sure seems to me

That cis men get credit

For being anything other than


It seems to be impressive to most

That any man that god made

Masculine, is able to accomplish

Anything other than

Mortal sin.

Oh, also he

Is on some sort of

Individual quest towards greatness

And we must all assist him

On his quest


I just don’t fully understand

What makes men so great


I believe that all people are great


But that some of us

Are corrupted by our

Individual powers.

After being on testosterone for

Two weeks and four days

I can honestly say

That being male is a

Biological advantage. It would be

Very easy to be

Corrupted by this power

If I didn’t have so many

Permanent scars

Reflecting to me who I

Was and who I always will be,

I might too become corrupted

By the power flowing in me.

I hope to get as powerful

As I can possibly get

Twice that, four times

As much as anyone could hope to be

And then quadruple that

Fuck it, I don’t want anyone

To be able to conceptualize

How fucking dope I’m gonna be

I’ll be a god among men, and

I suppose no one will ever be able

To fully understand me

Now, there–

I’m starting

To sound like the enemy. I’m starting

To sound like that guy

I say I can’t relate to

The one who gets congratulated

For merely existing

Goddamn, this shit is crazy

I thought I was a dyke and now

I’m some sort of macho manly she-beast

Still completely feminine yet somehow


Bye-bye, little baby girl

Hello strange man I used to

Cross the street to avoid passing

I’m the exact same person

I was before, now I guess I’m

Changing into someone else

But I’m exactly the same

How does this work, again?

Am I trans forever

Or am I just the same

I think that this is a lot like

My first time trying psychedelics

I was waiting to be picked up

By Gene Wilder on a boat–

And all I got

Was carsick

And spooked to death

By my own cat.

Still, I feel loads better now

And I am optimistic

For the first time ever

In my whole life, truly.

I can’t wait to see where

This groovy horny boat goes

I quite like male hormones

I worry that I’ll get

Problems, soon.

I will cross that bridge when

I get to it.

The person that I was

Fought so many battles

This one little shot

Won the war, now

What do I do?

Who do I settle with

What do I grow

I can’t wait to see

The generations flow

Right, fucking shit balls

I don’t have any cum

Whatever, I guess I’ll just stand here

Taking up too much space in the sun

Waiting for my cane to come

And swoop me off the stage

Being trans is kinda dope

I didn’t realize

I’d didn’t have to be

So miserable

Now, I get to be myself

And the contrast is truly


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