Foggy, Cloudy, and Fucked-Up

Sometimes I am

Blinded by a cloud

Descended on me

A fog, thick enough

To block out everything

Once the fog overtakes me

It begins to assault me

Insults, berating me endlessly

Words so hurtful

They feel physical

Sometimes my heart even

Starts to race

I think it wants me to

Run! Get out of the

Fucking fog, you idiot!

But no matter where I go

The fog follows

No matter what I do

The fog consumes

I am nothing if not

Foggy, I am nothing if not

Blue. I am a native, and you are

Invasive . I need it to

Rain, but lately I just want

To pull you out into the sun

Let you dry up, weed

Let us change season

Let this fog dissolve

Let me be free of this confusion

Sedate me, I suppose

I’d rather move on to

Sunnier pastures

Why is it that

Wherever I go

The fog follows

And bad luck comes

In buckets?

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