Month: April 2019

  • Let’s Talk About Nothing

    The worst thing About being best friends With no one Is that when you talk to people They’re like “Oh man, what’s this guy’s deal” Cuz they don’t know you […]

  • Murdered

    It seems to me that The prettiest girls just Get murdered. Might be best to be one of the “Behind the scenes” sort of ladies Where you don’t You know […]

  • Holding Out

    Hmmmmmmmm Was I supposed To be waiting For you? Of all people Why would I wait for someone Who wouldn’t acknowledge me I have someone I told you about Why […]

  • Get Ripped

    I feel that I might become A very handsome man I wonder what I will do with it When the power starts to flow I’m getting a sense for the […]

  • Dickless Theon

    I feel so bad for the Guy in Game of Thrones Who had his dick cut off By that psycho I feel worse For Sansa. Mostly because I am dickless, […]