Sit On My Face, oh hi!

Come over here Sit on my face Teach me how to Taste you, I want to be An aficionado A sommelier– Of sorts Morning, mid morning Noon, early afternoon Afternoon, late afternoon Evening, sunset Dusk, twilight Dawn The many variations of Harvesting I must taste Before I die A bucket list Of sorts I love […]

Arby’s vs Pussy

Guy friend is like “Pussy is gross– Going down is not my thing” Then– Ten minutes later Same car ride “I fucking love Arby’s– Let’s go to Arby’s!” Fucking no, you Hormonal lump dolt You’ll eat that garbage But you won’t blow Your lady’s mind? The fuck kinda company Am I keeping right now ?! […]

House Boner

You ever get Big orgasm energy From an old house? Maybe I’m just Seeing visions of My future But I get Incredibly strong vibes There are such good Bones in this house

Thumb-Sucker Thoughts

I think about you When I suck on My left thumb Wondering what You’re up to Now that you’re All alone and I’m here wondering Where else I Could be sticking This thumb, and What else I Could be polishing-off Maybe I could Polish you ?


I’ve been alone I’ve been unassisted I’ve been forgotten I’ve been lambasted I’ve been desperate I’ve been greedy I’ve been tired I’ve been a broken shattered soul But I’ve never been So lost That I found God. I’ve never needed Religion– I am my own