I sit Teetering Watching the world Point, smile, laugh Jeering I am high, High above Unconscious of the Splintering Oblivious to the Cautioning, I sit Watching humanity Trample, spit, Burning and shaming and Littering each other with Hate, violently Blithering, hoping to Silence our own pain Screaming out for someone To come help but unable […]

Why’d You Have To Remind Me!?!?

It’s hard for me Not to see Others as Filthy, rotten, Selfish, dirty, Awful, senseless Shit-bags. I often see Little to no Self-control in others I see lots of Selfishness and Terrible instinct, Robbing others of their Ability to think Independently or Love anyone besides Themselves. I see people Completely unable To imagine the world […]

Bye Bye Becky!!

Legit I hated being a woman Now I’m like Eh alright I’m On my way out En route to somewhere Hairier, I can stick around See how this plays Out of my mind with Anxiety and worry, now I’m out of my mind with Confidence, ego Manifesting into action It’s like Bizarro, y’all I actually […]

Picky Eaters

The rabbits Are eating Everything in my garden Except for The curliest, toughest Kales. The nicer, flatter Kales have been eaten The collards are gone The radishes–stolen The carrots eaten straight Out the ground The onions– Unbothered I’m starting to wonder If the rabbits aren’t Picky eaters