Life Is A Video Game

I used to be like

Life sucks!!! Everything should be more like

Video games”

Now I’m like

Are you fucking serious?! Why is everything in life structured like a fucking

Video game?!”

Seriously, though.

I think it’s mostly the science of addiction

Get you convinced you’re being

Rewarded, somehow

Even if you aren’t.

We’ve convinced everyone, somehow

That people are only as worthwhile

As the work that they are doing

Hear me out–

I’ve got a plan

What about a video game

Where everything is

Made-up, and the points

Don’t matter?

Oh right, then people

Set their houses on fire

And build swimming pools

Just to remove the ladder

Maybe we aren’t meant to be

Truly free, maybe we have to play

The story mode completely, until

Free play is accessible

That being said, I’m not sure

I’d ever want to be in anyones

Free-play world

Goddamn, y’all. That’d be

The worst hunger games ever

When I notice the framework

Of our game, our society,

Our network, I wonder if

We could ever be trusted

To play without rules

Without goals, and without

Tedious task work

What would we be like

If we didn’t have to kill

500 boars, building up our

Weapon skills?

Isn’t that what work is like?

Building up your

Professional skills, hoping

Your value keeps for longer

Than it should,

just as anyone else would.

To fool yourself into

Being more valuable than

Someone else is

So ridiculous

Some are incredible,

Others aren’t

Nobody is worthless,

Some of us just keep

Dying over and over and over again

Losing all we gained in the process

Re-Spawning against our will

Starting at the bottom of the hill

Pushing the boulder, carrying the sieve

Completing the quest log,

Finding all the Easter eggs

I wish I could complete you–

Life, but then

What would I do for a thrill?

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