Fiction Writer Recipe

I’ve been wondering lately

If maybe I could just try my best

To focus on something, you know

More practical and more wide-reaching

You know–Something like–

Fiction writing!

I’ve been wondering if maybe that is my proper calling

I can’t help but find myself falling

Into very familiar looking pit traps

Set for people like me

Ones who daydream about being something

Other than a mindless dolt flesh bag pumping out

Paperwork and nonsense emailing

Important information to everyone about no one to accomplish


I want to be like, something


There are lots of people like me

Idiots who dream of being “be”

But alas, we are we

We exist and enough we are

Yoda is some bullshit theater prop

That got left in a car

In the summer of 1969

I just wonder

Why am I still

Sitting in my closet

On the floor

Writing poems and wondering about

The state of the world?

I should be out there

Writing fiction

Spreading lies

Entertaining young minds and

Delighting everyone

Like all of my heroes

I used to think I wanted to be a famous

Musician, of sorts

Now I wonder if I was thinking too small

Clearly I excel at bullshitting

And need to take myself pro

I’m going to stop making

Small lies, and instead

Go as big as I can go

I’m gonna make up the




I’ll even be upfront about it

From the get go

It’ll be a story

That is exactly what happened to me

About real people that I really knew

Who really did and said

Those things to me

But I’ll call it all fiction

And set it in another world

And put everyone in space suits

You know, the works!

I’m going to be

The greatest fiction writer ever

Generations and generations

Will know my name as

Whoever I say it is cuz I’ll

Make that shit up too

I’m going full-fiction, ya’ll

Ain’t nobody gonna survive

This rewrite.



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