Make Out

Let’s just make out, tho

It’ll be like,

No big deal

We can just, you know

See how we feel

I wanna know what it’s like

Being right up next to you

I wanna feel you start to wonder

I wanna hear your thoughts start

To scramble

I wanna just kiss you, once or twice

Only as a trial

I wouldn’t ever buy something, outright

Well, now you’ve gone and sold me

We could just make out, only

Just for one night

In the morning you can pretend

You were drunker than you were

And then we can go on, smiling

No one will get hurt

Just a little necking, softly

Undisturbed. I wouldn’t want to

Wake the part of your soul

That’s been hibernating

I wouldn’t want to make you wonder

What if?

For much longer than

I’ve already had you

Instead, please–

Let’s just kiss

Just a little bit of tenderness, please

To help get me through the evening

You can go back to being

Lonely as soon as I

Leave. We are all waiting,

So let’s make out



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