Bass Growl

I think my favorite thing about bass

Is that when you tease it

It growls,

Every time

Kinda like me, except

It dies down, mellows out


I wish I was

More like a bass

When people pluck me

I just get fucking

Pissed off, and the rage

Never mellows,

the sustain is more like

A pedal of pain

Me against the world,

Dancing to the beat of my own

Ingrained sense of


No drummer could dare

Follow me

My heart’s dance is more like

Cardiac arrest

My feet are twisted and my heart

Is bleeding out all over the

City, the sidewalks, the streets

I went to the hospital and

All they told me was

I lost the beat

Fucking, all anybody cares about

With bass is whether or not

It’s structurally sound

What about when your

Bass has a song

Of its own?

What about the

Aria is too low and too

Lowly to be sung?

I suppose that’s me, then

A son, a bastard and

A rhythm section,

All on my own

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