My partner was like

“Obsessively hating someone

Is a form of loving them”

An older, wiser friend of mine was like

“Feeling a lot of pain and sadness

After a breakup

Shows how much you loved them”

Logic and common sense is like

No, you’re both wrong

I’m faced with evidence

That love and hate

Are opposites, inverses

Poles of sorts


If you walk to the North Pole

Are you halfway to the South Pole?

Or are you

Twice as far away as you were?

I think the second one

I don’t think love and hate are inverses

I think they are distinctly separate emotions

Are they emotions?

Is love really an emotion? Is it something you

Feel? Or is it something you experience

Is it something you live, love?

I’m not sure, anymore

I met someone I know is

The person I am destined for

But what I feel towards her

Is not a choice I make

She is someone who loves me,

I love her, things are great

Is what I feel really

An emotion?

How simplistic is that

How could love be

An emotion? Love–

Love is a verb. Love is a spell

Love is a condition. Love is a state of being

Love is a noun, a proper one.

Love is someone else. Love is yourself

Love is a place, love is a thing

Love is nothing, intangible and

Absurd, to make jokes about it is

Obscene. Somehow, Love is

Everything all the same.

I don’t believe in opposites, anymore

It’s a waste of time

An overgeneralization that’s gotten

Way out of hand

There are no inverts, no opposites

Nothing black and white

No poles–

No love, no hate

Only a big rock in space

Where you can either

Lie, steal and cheat, or

Love, laugh and reciprocate

Love, intimacy is priceless, yet

Also free

Hate costs you your whole life

Depreciating everything

Not much relationship between them,

If you ask me

There are no opposites

On a sphere, just

Rolling and wondering

Endlessly, everywhere


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