Graduation Gowns

I wonder what the history

Behind shapeless


Useless and


Graduation gowns, is?

There is history behind

Fucking everything, isn’t there?

Why not a history behind

The hugeness of the gowns

For graduating

Why must everyone look like

A carpet covered gumdrop

Freshly passed up by

Every grandma in the city?

A tapestry of nothing,

Shawls and colors and

Signals without smoke

Bullshit distinctions between

People who did and people who

Did and then other people who

Did more, but if a different kind of


Everyone looks like big ol

Whoopie cushions

Moon pies that got left

In the car on vacation


What the hell, everybody

Can’t we at least wear pants

Sometime in the future,

At least?

You know, just for

Walking for the diploma

Or something

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