Empathy Antiquated

I was driving the other day

Since it was a day

I saw a sign that read

“Site of fatal bus crash–


It’s a curvy bendy part of the

I-71, north of Louisville but

South of Walton

I looked it up and apparently

On May 14th, 1988

A drunk driver

In a black Toyota pickup truck

With a BAC of .21

Drove head first

Into a school bus

Killed 25 kids and

2 adults

Burned 12 more

Apparently they all died of

Gasoline fire, not collision impact

Because gasoline is more combustible

Than diesel fuel

So to clarify:

This drunk Kentucky guy

Was probably howling to no one

Driving on the wrong side of the road

Smashed a full school bus to bits

Watched it burn

Got sent to jail for his whole life

He’s gonna have to spend like

A lot of time in jail dodging association from being

A school-bus-burner

A child-bbq-er

The rhetoric

In the articles

I’ve found about this,

Reads as if it is from

A different planet

A different society, altogether.

A more empathetic world where

A single person gives

A single shit about

Kids dying in mass transit

Hundreds of kids have died

In better circumstances

Than this poor drunk

Down in his luck

Depressed alcoholic

He didn’t give a shit about his own life

For two seconds, and it

Resulted in

Mass graves of

Church-trip little kids

This poor bastard was a

Villain in the news as if he

Killed those kids on purpose–

But he didn’t!

He was depressed, drunk, pathetic,

Reckless and inconsiderate

But he didn’t go

Shoot up a yoga studio

Because nobody would sleep with him

How different are Times

These times we are living in?

How different are Times that

This drunk sad asshole used to be a

Bad person, but somehow–

Our president is


It all seems clear to me

Empathy is an antique

And compassion is extinct

This sign for a bus crash

Reminded me of when

People felt that

Killing children was wrong

And men should be held accountable

For their actions–

Given that they survive

Their own crashes

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