Danaereys Gets It

*****GOT Spoilers ahead****

Here’s the deal

I don’t understand why everybody

Is pissing their panties

About the latest episode

Danaereys has been

A boss-ass bitch

Since the moment she

Appeared on the show

She is an original gangster,

You fucking idiots

Why you surprised?

Why you mad,

Cuz she isn’t blowing you

Instead of blowing you up?

I fucking hate

The fans of Game of Thrones

They ruin everything

As if ruining things is fun

Don’t be mad at Danaereys

For being a human being

They killed her fucking dragon

And her best friend even

Also like

Circe is an ACTUAL DEMON

The fuck kinda magic is even on that

Bodyguard hell beast thing?!

Oh, btw, that guy is

How I identify

A wall of pure

Killing angst, unable to be

Freed by anyone or anything

Eternally feuding with their sibling

While also somehow

Having a thing for evil queens

”Twas a dope end scene for

The hound, IMOpinion

Also clearly they’re setting it up

For the starks to rally against her

I am so angry that they

Don’t understand

That those fucking people

Weren’t innocent

And that they’re all being like

Weirdly so fucking cinematic

That city sucked, anyway!!

It was fucking

Full of magic gasoline

What the fuck


Why you mad about this, again, bruh?

I swear to god it’s just because

You’re seeing a woman act

On her vision without

Considering yours first

It must be blistering

The feeling

Of being helpless in the

Decision making process

Of standing by, watching

As someone takes what they want

Without considering

The humanity of the people that they’re


Oh god, the horror of

A woman acting violently,

Paving the way for her people to thrive

Separate from Circe and memories of her

Reclaiming the throne as

Targaryen, as it should be

It’s her fucking throne,

Jesus Christ

What have we been cheering for

This whole time?!

Jon Snow?!

The guy who acts like

A broken hearted lesbian?

Are you kidding?

Give us Danaereys or

Give us reanimated black magic

Circe corpse

Fucking HELL YES


Lights, camera….

Becky presents:

GOT the Remix


Immortal black magic hell demon witch Circe

Immortal Arya

Immortal the Hound

Immortal the Hound’s brother

Immortal Brienne (but only after she’s been killed valiantly in battle somewhere season 4 finale)

Fuck it–

go full-immortal everybody

And ship the whole thing into space

And call it

“Firefly 2: The Remix”

And then when people do the press releases

We’ll be like

“GOT 2.5: The Remix”

And people will be like

“Is this two movies?”

And we’ll be like

“It’s actually a new subscription service

From HBO: Stay Forever”

Two ad campaigns for




This is why I’m a billionaire and

Not a funemployed musician

Peace out





*PS Circe autocorrected to Circle every time and when I was “editing” (hah!) I literally laughed so hard I peed

My new laugh is so low and so fucking wonderful. Then I laughed even harder.

I need to do laundry.

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