Heart Burn

There is a massive aching empty hole

Where my heart used to be

In the pit of my stomach

Everything has soured and

Acid pours up my throat

Into my tongue and my teeth

Heart burn chasing my tears

Choked down from years and years

Of pretending that all this is

My fault and my problem

Just my problem

How could a little one

How could a six year old

Know what they were doing

Enough to be blamed

From them on, for everything

What kind of coward

Blames their kid

For their own misgivings

When they are directly responsible

For doing the raising

How could anyone

Burn down my heart

The way you did

And blame me

For my own stubbornness

My own unwillingness

To forgive

This is not my fault

I cannot be acquitted

You mock me and my very


Nothing is real except for

Your perception

My image in your minds eye

Is not who I am

So I wonder now

If I am real, either

I wonder now, if I am real too

I wonder now,

If I am the new you

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